Non-linear behaviour

Calculations can be done linear or geometrically non-linear to consider the real behavior of large deflections.

This option can be chosen in any combination of static or dynamic calculations, contact approaches or insulated glass.

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Design Check by Code Usage

To design glass a lot of different Codes worldwide are available. To cover most of them, the design Formula can in addition to some given Norm templates be witten by the user himself.
A formula interpreter will derive any formula given by the user. Variables from A to K entered in a table for each type of glass can be used in the formula.

Actually templates are available for:
  • DIN 18008
  • TRAV/TRLV (old German Guideline)
  • NEN 2608
  • prEN 16612
  • Ö-Norm B3716
  • ASTM E1300 (very limited)
Load Case Set up

In parallel to the check the glass strenght according to special Norms, it's also possible to set up automatically relevant load cases according to the selected Norm.

Here a special routine will set up all possible combinations by regarding special rules for their set up.
All safety factors for the main and the secondary loads can be entered in a code template table, so that code relevante combinations using the correct safety factors are performed. In addtion some addtional combiantion rules can be adjusted like the max. number of loads in parallel, if a load only as stand alone or in special combinations should be checked.

All generated load cases can be modified, copied, deleted or rearranged. Such special load case tables can also be stored to be used in next projects.
Residual Load Capacity

To check the behaviour of broken glass panels this option can be used. You can either check the strenght of a laminate with fully broken glass layers (eg. FT broken in small pieces) or doing an investigation of the probable crack propagation (AN or HT).

Depending on the given strenght of the intermediate foil layer the complex behaviour of touching glass splinters under compression or tension are considered. Alternatively a probable crack propagation can be followed for not fully tempered glass.
Solver Options

The whole program is build for 64 bit operating systems, what allows to consider any system size. Additionally you can decide wether In-Core (IC) or Out-Of-Core (OOC) technique for largest systems having need for more memory than in RAM shall be used. In addition multi-processor CPU's are considered all times, to solve equation systems in shortest possible time.