Within this section you can define the shape of structure including cut-off's or holes of any shape. The number of edges, which can be straight or curved is not limited. Any system will be automatically meshed

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Any laminated glass including real sandwich behavior can be considered. You only need to key in the order and the thickness of each layer. Everything else is done automatically.

The layer materials are predefined and can be directly chosen from a database.

Insulation glass can be given in the same way and up to 3 gaps with 4 ( as well laminated) glass panes (packages). The gas pressure law is automatically included for each gap.

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Boundary Conditions

You can set any boundary condition. Simplified approaches or more sophisticated settings like elastic rubber materials or structural glazing. When fixings shall be used, you only have to choose the kind of those fixings you want to use and the position where they shall be located. Anything else is again done automatically.


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Face loads, point loads, line loads or dynamic loads can be considered at any position.

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You can choose linear or geometrically non linear behavior to consider large deflections.

If additional stresses or other outputs are needed, you can choose them here.

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You can preview the system with the automatically generated mesh, calculate, postview and print out a protocol for use as a static assessment.

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