Version 5.0.14 (3.3.22)

  • Improved libraries for the LiveUpdate
  • Corrected load case generation, (point loads only if defined)
  • Minor improvements
Important note:
The update V5.0.14 can only be installed from Version 5.0.9 or smaller by a new installation, because the http address was switched off and therefore in version 5.0.9 the LiveUpdate does not work anymore! LiveUpdate from 5.0.10 is working again.

Version 5.0.13 (24.2.22)

  • Language files updated
  • Proxy settings added
  • LiveUpdate function updated
  • Visual Studio runtime lib added to installation
  • Minor improvements
Version 5.0.12 (16.2.22)

  • Integration of SIA 2057 (Switzerland)
    • new Code Templates
    • new climate loads templates
    • Considering partial shear effects with G = 0.4 for short time loads and SLS
    • Loadcase generation with snow coefficient according to location height formula
    • depth of combination splitted for single glass and insulated glass
  • Improved integration for Ö-Norm (Austria)
    • Partial shear effects for horizontal and vertical glass position for ULS and SLS
  • CAN / CGSB, Areafactor A^(-1/7) added to design formula
  • Reduced safety factor for dead weight with overhanging glazing (>90°) corrected
  • Newest libraries
  • Smaller improvements

Version 5.0.11 (16.9.21)

  • Solved problem for design proof of coated glass and free bended egdes with reduced limit stress
  • Newest libraries
  • Smaller improvements
Version 5.0.10 (9.7.20)

  • LiveUpdate access to server changed to https
  • Update of DIN 18008 to newest Version of April 2020
  • Changed SLS Code template for DIN EN 16612
  • Smaller improvements
Version 5.0.9 (18.5.20)

  • Hints for actually used licenses upon startup
  • Reactions on a Microsoft(R) update
  • New runtime libs 
  • Smaller improvements

Version 5.0.8 (24.3.20)

  • Format error exporting to Excl solved
  • Updated data base, new foil added
  • Enhanced options for point fixings, special contact mechanism
  • Updated manuals
  • Smaller improvements
Version 5.0.7 (24.1.20)

  • Added Code template DIN EN 16612:2019 - Infill panels
  • Automated backup of user data - can be restored now when gone corrupted
  • Changes selecting the Code Template - relation between Verification and LoadCases
  • Smaller improvements

Version 5.0.6 (4.6.19)

  • Code template for Ö-Norm corrected and enhanced
  • Importproblems of V4.0 projects to V5.0 solved

Version 5.0.5 (19.4.19)

  • The settings specified under Options has only been recognized, if "Options" has been visited at least once - solved!
Version 5.0.4 (14.3.19)

  • Copy function added to Norm Templates
  • NEN2608 design formula extended; for factor E = ke < 1.0 an additional stress check at selected edges will be done
  • smaller changes, modified manual
Version 5.0.3 (22.2.19)

  • marked layer to transfere load at the borehole were lost - solved!
  • smaller changes
Version 5.0.2 (13.2.19)

  • deleting several load cases in common - solved
  • during calculation protocol results now disabled
  • smaller program changes
Version 5.0.1 (6.1.19)

  • separate spacer properties at bore holes added
  • large result files (>2GB) can now be shown too
  • smaller changes in program flow
  • some changes in language and result files
Version 5.0.0 (23.11.18)

Main Program:

  • Completely revised load case generation and stress check now according to any Codes (also prEN16612, Ö-Norm, NEN2608, CAN CGSB 12.20, ...)
  • Free selectable safety and combination factors for Ultimate Limit State and Serviceability Limit State
  • The formula can be written by the customer himself for actually not included norms (a formula interpreter allows any formula to consider)
  • For each kind of load a separate kmod can be given (no collection within load groups any longer
  • Combination depth can be adjusted
  • New enhanced Kelvin-Voigt impact model. This is an alternative to the pendulum body and allows also to model persons, animals or other impactors like footballs, hailstones, …
  • All reaction forces and deformations of this new impactor can be shown in a curve diagram (e.g. Contact force over time)
  • All load cases can in general be used together with load steps. Now also limit cases with high loads applied can be solved, where up to now convergence problems could have been arisen.
  • The cord shorting (change in length by deflection) is now selectable for all kind of loads (also dynamic impact calculations).
  • The shortening over time can be shown too in the curve diagram.
  • Boreholes are now recognised as borders and can be considered specially by checking against reduced limit stresses. (mentioned also in the protocol)
  • Climate loads now consider the full barometric pressure height formula (no further use approximation formula). By this, the pressure change by ΔH is now valid up to 15km height.
  • The „down-holder clamp” can now also clamp inner glass packages, so that “toggle clamps” in Insulated Glass Units are better simulated.
  • The distance change in Insulated Glass Unit during impact can be recorded and shown in a diagram
  • Inside pressure of IGU is written into the protocol
  • Qualitative simulation of the residual load-bearing capacity and the cracking behaviour of broken panes
  • Type of calculation now centrally positioned under Options
  • Revised languages


  • Illustration of the new Kelvin-Voigt Impact Model
  • Further buttons to control the display (BACK, FIRST, GOTO)

Finite Element Kernel:

  • Enhanced solution speed by furthermore usage of parallel computation methods using multi core processors
  • Speeding up the system
Version 4.0.7 (8.8.17)

  • Compatibility problems with Windows® Update - solved
  • A much more stable solution process is again achieved
  • A canceled or not converging loadcase will now also write all results up to that point into the protocols
  • Addionally the not converging loadcase leading to abortion is mentioned in the status area
Version 4.0.6 (24.11.16)

  • Further compatibility problems with Win10 - Update 1607 - solved
Version 4.0.4 (2.11.16)

  • Compatibility problems with Win10 - Update 1607 - fixed!
  • minor problems fixed
  • some improvements
  • adapted materials data and handbooks
Version 4.0.3 (20.11.15)

Important Update:
  • Import and reading problem in 4.0.2 for old and partially new projects - fixed!
    • blanks in the description text of the load cases were not processed correctly
Version 4.0.2 (16.11.15)

  • Increased processing and selection possibilities within loadcases:
    • Selecting single load cases out of the full list for calculation
    • Selection of multiple load cases by parallel pressing the CTRL or SHIFT key and a LeftClick
    • Direct acting DEL and INS key on marked load cases
    • CTRL +C, CTRL-X und CTRL+V key (copy, cut, insert at a new position)
    • Drag&Drop of selected load cases directly by moving and releasing LeftClick
  • Import problem of single springs and spacers from version 3.5 solved
  • Loadcase settings for ΔH will now be stored too
  • Following blanks within the project name are automatically removed
  • Load case factors are displayed also in the graphics tool now
  • Enhanced automated load case generation for the German Guideline TRLV / TRAV
  • New glass type settings to consider 15% allowable stress increase for insulated glass units according to TRLV
  • Further reduction of load cases acting in the same direction now also for vertical glass
Version 4.0.1 (16.09.15)

  • More detailed load description in loadcase protocol
  • Convergence problem for special conditions in insulated glass units solved
  • Some pictures of glass fixings have been invisible
  • Two inputs have been disabled and couldn't be entered - fixed
Version 4.0.0 (3.09.15)

Main Program:
- All program parts ported to 64bit (32bit is no longer supported)
- Minor changes in the program surface
  • Colored active project
  • Scroll wheel can now be used for the protocols
  • List of load cases can be viewed by scroll wheel or arrow keys, …
- Completely shifted to UNICODE
(paths, project names,… now possible in country-specific character set)
- Simplified language switching without restarts
- 2 new languages Polish and Czech
- Automated load case generation and design proof
  • Standard/Codes can be set freely
  • Automated load case generation depending on pre-selected loads
  • Some load combination options possible
  • Checking load resistance or servability or both in one calculation
  • Considering of load duration effects in resistance (k_mod or other)
  • Parallel check of free glass edges with reduced strength
  • Parallel check of coated glass surfaces (enamelled)
  • Proof of shortening effects
  • Considering of special factors for laminated glass
  • Preset Codes: DIN 18008, TRLV or rudimentary ASTM E1300
- Additional protocol with load case results and resistance check
  • Tabulated condensed output
  • Open format to be used in any word processing program
  • Direct ULS and SLS design check
  • Tabulated listing of each load case result

- Problem with Intel 3000 and 4000 graphics cards solved

Finite Element Kernel:

- Enhanced solving by use of multiprocessors for

  • building the finite element mesh
  • setting up the stiffness matrix and solving
  • band with optimisation

- Speeding up the system more than factor 2
- Enhanced convergence for insulating glass units

Version 3.5.9 (29.01.13)

  • problem displaying the curve diagram for long data files solved
  • problem to rename and copy project files solved
  • additional material data for SGP added
  • enhanced convergence behaviour for non-linear solving process
  • message if contact within insulated glass units during pendulum calculation
Version 3.5.8 (26.06.12)

  • Problem printing protocoll for loadcases with more than 5 glass layers per glass package solved
  • maximum number of glass layers (together with loadcases) set to 13
  • minor design changes
Version 3.5.7 (6.05.12)

  • Problems generating curve diagram solved
Version 3.5.6 (24.04.12)

  • Setting other system font sizes now possible (small - medium - large)
  • Load factors for climate loads extended to 2 values (for long and short term effects)
  • Protocol error writing different border loads solved
  • Smaller design changes
Version 3.5.5 (17.12.11)

  • Excel exporting error solved
  • Problems to display some graphics buttons solved
  • Smaller design changes
Version 3.5.4 (21.10.11)

  • Included new languages of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Additional languages for protocoll and fead back messages in Polish and Czech
  • Program changed to support UNICODE
  • Some changes for pressure hit load card
  • Adapations for the diagram output
Version 3.5.3 (22.02.11) - recommended update

  • Changed location for temporarily for Out-Of-Core Solver files
  • smaller changes in the language files
  • opening of the protocol speeded up
  • adjusted solver settings to recognice and cancel statically undetermined systems
  • some changes in the graphics window
Version 3.5.2 (28.01.11)

  • Changed registry settings for Win7 not to come in conflict with user and admin rights
  • smaller changes in the language files
  • fixed solver problem for some special cases
Version 3.5.1 (10.12.10)

  • Solved problem for displaying the reaction forces within the "Graphics Surface" and the "Result Protocol".
  • This is related to point fixings connected via rods or cables.
  • Visualisation of point fixing deformations loaded by forces now included
  • Enhanced multitasking options
  • Folder operations like Copy, Paste, Delete,.., are now as well possible during a running calculation
  • Problem starting the Graphics Surface are removed
  • Asian or not European language settings sometimes prevented starting of the graphics tool
  • Added button, to calculate all projects within a folder after each other.
  • Until now only the parallel start of all projects was possible.
  • and some smaller changes
Version 3.5.0 (2.9.10)

  • totally modified user interface for more intuitive handling
  • changed project structure for more levels
  • multitasking work is possible now, running several projects and generating new projects
  • multi-processor usage for very much faster equation solving
  • In-Core and Out-Of Core solver
  • support for 32 and 64 bit systems
  • line loads along curved borders
  • comment text for each load case
  • definition of linear increasing snow loads within "Loadcase"
  • consider shear effects within load case
  • self defined climate loads
  • contact conditions for bonded edges
  • 3 new models for point fixings with covering glass panels
  • loads can now be applied at fixings
  • to cancel the mesh generation and solution process is possible now
  • modified graphics window (in-plane deformations,...)
  • protocol in portrait or landscape format
  • 3 more languages for writing the protocol (Italian, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • and much more
Version 3.0.6 (10.12.08)

  • memory problem for larger systems solved
  • more stable solution for non-linear calculations (instead of the fastest solution)
  • stopping the mesh generation process is possible now


Version 3.0.5 (16.7.08)

  • some new settings for printing the protocol
  • enhanced bandwidth optimization for faster solving
  • included SentryGlasPlus (SGP) interlayer properties 


Version 3.0.4 (7.1.08)

  • some modifications within the post-processor like scaling signs
  • aborting the calculation now stops immediately the solving process
Version 3.0.3 (4.12.07)

  • some changes for path settings
  • changes when deleting load case
Version 3.0.2 (24.9.07)

  • modified installation routine
Version 3.0.1 (24.8.07)

  • picture of the finite element mesh within the protocol
Version 3.0.0 (9.8.07)

The version 3.0.0 has the following improvements:
  • Any geometry can be given including holes of any shape or curved borders
  • edge clamps at any border position (at corners, edges or curved borders)
  • bonded disk fixing without generation of holes
  • several clamping designs (circular or angular, glass shoes,...)
  • downholder for suction safety
  • structural glazing
  • automatic calculation of predefined load cases
  • elastically supported glass edges
  • enhanced equation solver (up to 6-times faster)
  • and much more ...