Normally the layers must be generated by first building the elements and then assigning the material. Then, if the thickness must be changed, everything must by made anew.

In MEPLA, you first have to choose the material, and then only have to assign the thickness as one value. Mesh generation, assigning, building a sandwich (laminate),... will be done automatically.

Optionally you can choose, whether insulated glass units shall be used. If so, you have to select the gas material (from a data base) and the gap height - and this is possible up to 3 gap's.

Everything else, including the gas pressure laws and the expanding behavior of temperature changes, spacers,... are automatically calculated for any pane shape.

It doesn't matter, whether you want to include point fixings, balustrade clips, clamps, spacers for insulated glass, elastic rubber strips or if you want to perform a geometrically non-linear calculation.

In addition dynamic calculations are possible for any layer structure, so that pendulum impacts from EN 12600 for drop securing use of glass can be simulated.

Addtional possibilties

Laminated glass panels not only laterally loaded, can be defined too.

Glass swords, fins, beams or columns with in-plane loads are also possible.