Boundary conditions can be chosen with several possibilities:

Fixed or elastic edge supports anywhere in the pane are possible. Contact conditions for lifting corners can be chosen; structural glazing; spacers for insulating glass units; additional supporting beams or complex point fixings like countersunk fittings, balustrade clips or downholders at the borders can be located freely.

Predefinitions are stored within a data base and new fixings can be added with new mechanical properties. So you can directly select and locate these fixings for multiple use.

There are 10 different kinds of fixings possible:

  • counter sunk fixing, also for DGU
  • disk fixings (double sided), also for DGU
  • circular clamps
  • angular clamps
  • circular downholder
  • angular downholder
  • bonded disk (without a generated hole)
  • countersunk fixing with covering glass panel
  • countersunk fixings for DGU (clamping inner panel only)
  • disk fixing for DGU (clamping inner panel only)

You only have to choose the kind of the fixing, the contact conditions and the position - anything else will be done automatically.

All point fixings are meshed automatically, only depending on the given parameter for size and the mechanical bearing behavior. (e.g. rubber separators)

The mesh quality only depends upon the chosen global mesh size and is refined around the point fixings.