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In return you will directly receive an automated e-mail, where you will find your activation key to be entered in Step 2.

Then press Submit to start Mepla Iso.
Definition of the pane size
Setting up the shape

Within the first Geometry card you can define the size of your insulated glass unit. It is allways simply supported at all four edges.

Here as well the position for a point load with a free distribution area (default: 200x200mm) can be entered.

The output position for the calculated stresses and deformations is first considered to be in the middle of your system. But it can be changed anytime according to your needs, by entering a new positions or by using the mouse. (pressed RMB: moving the output position over the plate area)

The material properties are set for glass: E = 70.000 N/mm² with ν = 0.23.
Setting up the system
Setting up the system

Inside, middle and outside panes can be set to any thickness. For the inside and outside pane as well laminated safety glass (LSG) is possible to consider.

Shear effects are not considered, so that the 2 glass layers will have no shear connection and are of equal thickness.

To consider only a double glass unit, the middle pane can be set to a small value like 0.01mm. To check only single glass the two not needed glass lites can be set also to 0.01mm.
Loading conditions
Possible Loads

Loads can be given as wind loads acting onto the inside and outside, line loads onto the inside, point loads applied onto the outside or additional climate loads.

Please note that the arrows indicate the positive direction. So if pressure loads onto the outside face shall be given, these loads should be negative - for the inside positive.

Climate loads used for Winter and Summer conditions are related to a German Guideline or DIN 18008-1. More information for these load conditions can be found here.
If you want to consider your own climate laods, select "Custom". Then you can enter
  • temperature change inside the gap
  • outside ambient pressure
  • inside pressure during sealing/fabrication
  • difference of height between fabrication and installation
Additional safety factors can also be given, so that load combinations can be easily checked.
Resulting stresses
Stresses within the plate
Results at Position P

Results are directly calculated while typing in your system. The stresses σ_xx, σ_yy and the shear stresses σ_xy are shown for the selected output position.

As a results of these components the major principal stresses σ_p+ for designing glass are evaluated too. Here the maximum stress of the top or bottom fiber at the specified position is shown.
Stress distribution

Here the total area is checked for deformations and and major principal stresses, to display immediately the colored results.

By clicking the SHIFT+LMB (left mouse button) into the drawn area, you can select the stress or deformation at this position drawn next to the legend.

Using 3D Surface:
•    LMB (LeftMouseButton)   : Moves the model
•    CTRL + LMB or MMB        : Rotates the model
•    RMB (Zoom)                  : Zooms in/out the system
•    RMB (Magnify)               : Magnify the deformations
•    SHIFT + LMB                 : Select stress/deformation at mouse position
•    Fill Mode, Center and Align button


From your geometrical data, the system setup and your load settings a protocol will be produced. Here the stresses and deformations form the chosen output point P will be shown.

If additionally an analysis has been run, then these data will also be presented in a graphical way. Stresses and deformations for each layer are presented too.
How to get information and updates
Information window

All times when the program starts it will check for actual updates.

Additionally, you can manually search for updates by clicking the blue info button.

Then a window will appeare, where you can send us an e-mail, key in new registration data or check for new updates.
Check and install a new version
Update check during startup

Within this window related update information are shown and a possible new version can directly be installed.

Such an update check is performed with each program start.