Insulated triple glass
Mepla Iso works on the basis of linear plate theory. For this it's using the analytical approach of double Fourier Series to calculate the stresses and deflections for simply supported conditions at all fours sides. It's very accurate and fast, so that while typing values the results are directly visible.

It's designed for triple glass calculation. But setting the unused glass pane to 0.01mm will give as well results for double glass units. If two glasses are set this way, single glass is possible too.

There are several loads possible:
  • inside face loads
  • outside face laods
  • inside line loads
  • outside point loads
  • climatic loads like ambient air pressure, inside pressure, temperatur change, influence of the installation height
At any given position results are evaluated for all 3 layers. Finally you can perform a global scan to check all positions for higher stresses and deformations.


From time to time we enhance this program with more features. To be allways up to date, the program will check automatically at start, if there is a new update available on our web server.