Fixings may be set at any position you want. You only have to select a point fixing of needed shape (taper shaft, disk, edge clampings or bonded disk supports without a generated hole) from the database. This selection can be located at any x-y position.

That's all. No mesh generation by hand is needed!

You can pre-define your own often used fixings, not to key in the geometrical data every time anew.

All fixings can be supported on springs with translation and rotational rigidities. In addition, all point fixings can be fixed to a bar, which other ending is attached to the wall or loaded directly by applied forces.

Regard, that a glass pane only supported by fixings mustn't be kinematically in any direction. Unstable behavior may arise, when contacts conditions are chosen and the pane can detach (e.g. if the pane could be pulled out of a clamp).